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ProAV Consultant

Since 2001 helping AV manufacturers to develop their business in Latin America brought a large experience dealing with ProAV projects

Logistics Consultant

More than 20 years of experience dealing with US and Brazilian customs, including international trade and customs regulation, providing “high performance” on the complex customs procedures in Brazil.

Cloud App

IP Phone with CRM integrated and CPQ (Configure Price Quote) are the most growing cloud platforms in Latin America. They are one of best tools you may have for your company to grow your sales.

Procurement in China

We help you to find the right Chinese suppliers from our based office in Shenzhen, China. We will be developing your relationship and knowledge within Chinese manufactures, which includes a background check, production capacity, quality control, and other needs according to your fit. The industry we have expertise in are ProAv, Telecom, IoT, and Information Technology fields, but other sectors are welcome as well.

Cross-Border e-Commerce

We help you to implement from zero or increment your e-commerce store targeting the Brazilian market. Since we are dealing with Brazilian Customs since 1997, when courier services established in Brazil, the e-commerce business became one of our main target. With the modernization of RFB Normative Instruction 1737, (published in the DOU of 09/18/2017) benefits companies and e-commerce marketplace, so with our expertise, you will have more agility and security in the passage of your products through customs control.

Fall in Love with our Features

Understanding your needs

We discover your dreams, and work hard to have them comes true, matching your targets with your budget fit.

Amazingly responsive

Planning a project means "Quality = Time + Cost". We'll work closely with you targeting the best results for your dream. Planning, build-up, implementation, and closeout is our day-by-day tasks.

Engineering Support

Due to a straight relationship with major AV manufacturers, we have more property and power to help you build the best solution. Manufacturer's engineers are our extended direct support.

Global Corporations

We help global enterprises with the entire logistics process-- serving consultation every step of the way-- starting with the P.O, until delivery of the goods to the destination.

Customs Regulation

Every country has its own regulation. We deal with “high performance” on the complex customs procedures in the US, Brazil, and some of the Latin American locations.

Multilingual & translatable

Besides of speaks English, Spanish and Portugues, we translate the culture between countries in Latin America and the United States

We are ready for you...

ProAV Consultant 68%
Logistics Consultant 95%
Cross-Border e-Commerce DropShipping 89%

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How can we help you?

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